Google Ads Now Showing In Search Results

Google has started to implement Google Ads in image search results. This new location for ads is starting off slow as it is beginning with shopping advertisements. These ads will take an entire line of screen space, which would usually be a line of images otherwise.

A representative from Google stated that they are starting with shopping ads because users already use image search as a starting point when shopping. Research has shown that the most popular questions when looking at images, for shopping, is how much an item cost and where they user can purchase that item. These new shopping ads that are appearing in image search are here to help answer those questions. Each ad has the price of the item along with the location to where searched items can be bought online.

Since image search now being part of the Google Display Network, Product Listing ads for shopping campaigns can now be automatically eligible for image search. However, this is only possible if your campaign is opted into Search partners.






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