Google Ads’ Newest Keyword Selection Update

A closer look at how the newest update can impact the exact match, phrase match, and broad match modifiers on your keyword matching

Google announced last week that moving forward it will extend same meaning close variants to phrase match and broad match modifiers. It mentioned that the reason for this change is to help prevent keywords from competing against each other. To look at this with more clarity, I’ve mapped out a couple of scenarios.

Google clarified that it wouldn’t suddenly pick a different phrase or broad match modifier keyword with the same meaning as a keyword that’s already targeting a query. Google said, “If a query currently matches to an exact, phrase, or broad match modifier that exists in your account, we will prevent that query from matching to a different phrase or BMM that’s now eligible for the same auction as a result of this update.”

A good and simple example Google gave was that the query lawn mowing service near me would continue to match with the phrase match keyword “lawn mowing service” even if another keyword in your account, “grass cutting service,” could also match with the query based on same-meaning matching

What happens when you add better-matching keywords than your existing keywords?

For example, if you have a phrase match keyword “lawn mowing service” and is matching to the query grass cutting service near me in your account and then you include two new keywords such as “grass cutting service and +grass +cutting.

These keywords all have the same meaning, but the newly added keywords match closer to the query than the original keyword. This will prevent the original keyword from triggering on related grass cutting queries.

A caveat, however, is that the two new keywords would still be competing with each other on Ad Rank to determine which triggers the ad.

If you have more questions regarding Google Ads, our SEM team here in Boston Web Marketing specializes in paid ads and are willing to answer all your inquiries.

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