Google Rolls Out New Campaign Manager 360 for Google Ads

Google has added a revamped version of Google Ads Campaign Manager, Campaign Manager 360, that now allows users to streamline competitive analysis and workflows to make more efficient ad adjustments on multiple formats. The new changes are primary investments in competitive measurement, streamlined workflow, and ad management of video and new formats.

Sunil Gupta, a Product Manager for Google Marketing Platform, says that Campaign Manager 360 is now part of the Google Marketing Platform of Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio, and Search Ads/Display Ads 360. Below is a list of the new features available for pay-per-click (PPC) managers on Campaign Manager 360

New Campaign Manager 360 Improvements

Gupta explains that each of the new campaign manager 360 improvements are designed to help PPC managers make more rapid and immediate updates based on key performance metrics of their ad formats and places. Here is a deeper dive into each:

Conversion Modeling and New Attribution Reports

A new feature on Google Campaign Manager gives access to conversion modeling, where new analytics and data can help accurately assess the ad types, platforms, and attribution metrics that drive the most PPC conversions. A user can now look at features like social integrations, format analysis, and third-party data collection. Gupta explains the key reasons why conversion modeling is a crucial need for SEM and PPC users:

“Conversion modeling enables accurate measurement with a complete, privacy-centric view of how people are responding to your ads. This ensures that you can still get insights about the effectiveness of your campaigns so that you can take actions to improve your results, even when direct measurement isn’t possible.”

Streamlined Workflows with Google Marketing Technologies 

The new campaign manager also allows users to link creative work linked on Display 360 and Video 360 and link Campaign Manager to Google Analytics. Users can look at first-party Google metrics and also link third party statistics within one centralized location. These features were also part of an earlier Ads Hub upgrade released by Google earlier in October.

Improved video ad measurement using YouTube insights and video verification 

Campaign Manager 360 also included new measurements for video ad placements that use video verification and YouTube metrics to highlight key demographic data, user type, channel performance, and display metrics. Additionally, users can also measure performance on connected TV views as well as search engine traffic for new video formats.

What this means for PPC and SEM Management

PPC and SEM marketing is constantly evolving to meet the needs of users and more accurately capture consumers’ attention based on their behaviors. This is a challenge for every PPC expert, which is likely to be a bit easier with new Campaign Manager tools that can quickly address and optimize for new consumer behaviors. Here is how Gupta explained the potential benefit for SEM and PPC users:

As the digital ads ecosystem evolves with an increased focus on privacy, new regulations and changes in technology platforms have put pressure on traditional ad serving and measurement techniques. That’s why we are focused on making Campaign Manager 360 a durable solution for the future, said Gupta.

We will build on Campaign Manager 360’s foundation and enhance our ad serving capabilities to help you measure all your paid media activity and conversions. We will continue to invest in features like conversion modeling, to help you get the insights your business needs even as the industry landscape evolves.

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