Google Ads in 2019

If you have found success utilizing Google Ads in 2018, odds are you plan to continue the progress in 2019. With the combination of more businesses attempting to market via the web and Google attempting to improve their users’ experiences, the same strategies used in 2018 may not work for 2019. Here at Boston Web Marketing, we wanted to write a blog highlighting some of the changes and how it may affect your ads within Google Ads.

Updated Automation Features

Aside from the name change, Google Ads has been expanding its ad capabilities by offering marketers automated ad options. How they determine these automated ads relies on several different factors including the budget of your Google Ads campaigns in addition to how many campaigns you have running. The purpose of these automated options is to provide experienced marketers more tools and flexibility when running campaigns. If you are new to Google Ads, there may be a learning curve but Google’s training modules should get you up to speed on the new features.

Cost Per Click on the Rise

According to numerous industry resources, cost per click across a variety of keywords and industries continue to climb in price. As more and more people turn to the web to find the answers they are looking for, ad space near the top of search results and to the side of relevant content/web pages is more competitive than ever. Be sure when reviewing your campaigns for this year, dial back or eliminate low performing ads and either replace them or conduct an in-depth analysis as to why it may be failing.

AdRank is Here to Stay

While Google profits off the physical click or impression of the ad, its true value lies in the fact people almost unanimously use Google for all searches. People use Google for one reason: it provides them the answer or solution to that user’s query. This pertains to their ads as well. It doesn’t matter if you bid the most because if your content is not relevant and doesn’t satisfy the users’ queries, your ad won’t show. As new features are rolled out, we will update our blog section on how some of these features can positively or negatively impact Ad Rank, so stay tuned!

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