Google Ads Continues to Monitor Strict Ad Content Policies

Google Ads continues to monitor billions of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, ad copy, and placement to see if anyone is violating strict content and placement policies, according to a recent update from Google.

Via the KeywordLeaders within Google’s Ads Department have monitored Ad content due to the sensitivity and necessity of accurate COVID-19 updates and news. Since the pandemic has progressed, Google instituted a variety of PPC funding mechanisms and programs, such as millions in funding, to support digital marketing efforts. But the latest updated from Scott Spencer, the Vice President of Product Management, Ads Privacy and Safety at Google, explains that a number of content safeguards still remain in place.

Spencer details how current changes suggest that the search engine giant’s PPC division has even more aggressive content policies for PPC managers:

“Preserving the integrity of the ads on our platforms, as we’re doing during the COVID-19 outbreak, is a continuation of the work we do every day to minimize content that violates our policies and stop malicious actors,” Spencer said. “We have thousands of people working across our teams to make sure we’re protecting our users and enabling a safe ecosystem for advertisers and publishers, and each year we share a summary of the work we’ve done.”

Google also reports that they have removed over 2 billion ads in 2019 due to strict content violations: spam, malicious actors, improper ad category usage, and more can lead to serious penalties for advertisers. Google suggests that accounts as a whole, and not just certain ads or  ad pages, may be terminated due to content violations.

The changes reflect Google’s commitment to ensuring that users have the ability to successfully optimize PPC campaigns without worrying about foul play from problematic actors. A professional PPC manager can successfully optimize ads for their businesses and clients that respect the safeguards set by Google.

PPC and COVID-19

Many businesses continue to face an uphill battle in their digital marketing. However, PPC management can offer a productive and cost-effective outlet for businesses of all sizes.

Google continues to offer small business ad credits for qualifying businesses, allow certain medical providers to make verified ads for COVID-19 testing, and encourage the use of PPC for mobile-friendly marketing. A nominal investment in a PPC management team and a Google Ads account can help productively drive traffic for smaller businesses.

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