Google Ads: Are They Worth It?

Every business wants to be the first one seen on Google when potential customers search for relevant information. When looking into ways to do so, you probably have stumbled across the idea of starting Google Ads.

These are pay-per-click advertisements that, when done well, can get you shown on the first spot of relevant keyword searches. Odds are, you have seen these sponsored ads before when you have searched for anything on Google. Done correctly with the right keywords and budget, Google Ads can be a great way to be seen on Google results pages. 

Follow along as we go over the ways in which investing in Google Ads can be worth it for your business. 

Target Based on Location

Google ads allow you to target potential customers based on your desired geographical location. By targeting those in your area, you will be seen by local customers who may not have been exposed to your services previously. 

Send People to Specific Landing Pages

Your Google Ads will link back to your website. You are able to create custom landing pages based on your goals for the ad. By creating a landing page that points the audience to a specific website location or service, you can increase the chances of conversion. 

Quick Results

One of the best benefits of investing in Google Ads is the almost instantaneous results. Once your budget is set, keywords are chosen, and the ad is created and optimized, they are ready to go. Something like SEO, for example, can take weeks to months to show up on the first page and first spot on Google. Google Ads are proven to maximize ROI. 

Track Results

Google shows extensive analytics for your Google Ads campaigns. You can see how your ads are performing, examine conversion rates, and make changes to future campaigns as needed. Google Ads also you to A/B test your ads and landing pages. 

Work With Google Ads Professionals

If you are considering investing in Google Ads for your business, you should consider working with experts in the industry. By working with experts, you can increase your reach and conversion rate even more. Boston Web Marketing has a team of Google Ads and search engine optimization experts ready to discuss how Google Ads can be worth it for your business and begin creating your campaigns. For more information, give us a call today or fill out our online contact form

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