Google Adds Reviews from the Web to Search Results

Google has just announced they will now add “reviews from the web” in local search results. This is in addition to the ‘best of lists’ and ‘critic reviews’ that Google introduced last month. The “reviews from around the web” will bring user-generated content from third party sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor to the knowledge panel.

This latest announcement may be in response to the criticism that prominent review sites such as TripAdvisor were not included when the critic reviews were introduced back in August. But now with the introductions of “reviews from the web” content and reviews generated by actual consumers and not just critics and experts will now be present & available to users.

The reviews will appear in the knowledge panel on a desktop, similar to the current critic reviews. In mobile, they will appear first, above both critic reviews and best of lists in the horizontal presentation.

The first version of this will roll out over the next 24 hours and include 3 review sources which will be ordered by “relevance” according to Google. To be considered for inclusion, third party review sites will need to be using review snippet markup.

Once reviews from the web are fully rolled out Google will now be showcasing three review sources including its own reviews, critic’s reviews and now third party reviews or “reviews from the web”. Google says they are simply trying to bring “as much useful content as possible about places to local searchers”.

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