Google Adds New AMP Reporting Feature in Search Console

Google announced earlier today that they have added reporting filter to Google Analytics reporting via Google Search Console. The new feature now allows webmasters to draw reports specifically from Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This new update to Google Search Console now means that webmasters are able to discover how people are arriving to your AMP page within mobile search results.

Why is it important?

The main premise of the new reporting feature to Google Search Console is the answer the question, “ Which queries lead to my AMP pages being shown in mobile search results?” If you do not notice the feature already in Google Search Console that may be because Google has only just started to roll out the AMP reporting function. Expect to have the AMP reporting function added to your Google Search Console soon.

How to Access AMP Reporting Feature

To acquire the AMP reporting feature in Google Search Console, go to Search Analytics and click on the top drop down under the “search appearance” section then select “AMP” from the drop down menu option. The report will allow you to compare how the AMP metrics compete against other search results. You can also see the progress of the AMP page and how it’s metrics have changed over time.

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