Google Adds New Ad Strength Indicator

Over the past couple of months, Google has been working on its algorithm that ranks a website’s advertisements or PPC on the SERP.  If your company is putting in money for these advertisements, odds are you want to get results. This new update by Google is still currently in its beta phase & it’s getting a lot of criticism from the companies that are in the beta, for being too harsh.

Old vs New

Original content is crucial for SEO however, Google has noticed a trend in keywords in ads. This has influenced this new update to now give more of an eye to content. The new update will be given a ranking on each of the ads individually.

What’s New with the Update?

The ratings will be on a scale from Poor to Excellent. A  new column interface will appear at the top of the page on Analytics that will show the score. This column will be available to see in September after the beta period is over. The content is being judged on its effectiveness now. Call to actions are still necessary but Google is now giving more points to ads that have common keywords. Google is also giving an option to preview previous responsive ads you have had by looking in its own separate tab that will be available. This will give you the option to see what ads are working & use similar qualities with them.

What Should You Do to Prepare?

A good way to prepare for this update is to check all the ads you have out now per group. If there aren’t three ads in the group, make sure to add some more. Next, make sure to go through your content & check for keywords you may be using too frequently. This will give you a chance to rewrite your content & get a head start on the update!




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