Google Adds Color to its Mobile Knowledge Graph

As most of you already know, Google is releasing a new Mobile Update on April 21, 2015; with this new update, Google will be adding Mobile Friendly Sites as one of its page ranking factors. So if you don’t have a mobile site, your ranking in mobile searches may be negatively impacted!

Now back to their current update, which is adding colors to the mobile knowledge graph; Google Knowledge Graph (for a quick refresher) is when you’re conducting a search, Google will provide you with related and most popular searches in the box as you’re typing in a keyword. While you’re conducting searches using a smartphone or a tablet, don’t be surprised if you see green or red text appear below the search bar!

In the past the knowledge graph showed grey text, but now don’t be surprised if you see some color! The odd thing about this update is that only some searches have the added color, while others still contain that plain ugly grey color.

Why do some searches have green/red colors in their knowledge graph, while others have grey? Is this an implication of yet another algorithm update? We are not sure yet, but we will keep you posted!

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