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Google Adds Carousel To Let You Expand Searches

Google has added a new feature to help expand searches for web users. Searchers can now filter down and/or expand their searches with Google’s new carousel slider at the top of search results. This new feature will be available for both desktop and mobile searches. As an example, if  you search for kids clothing a carousel of related items will appear. This will help users filter their searches even more, or give the user an opportunity to look at other items of interested and relevancy. Below is how this carousel looks on a desktop.



kids clothing Google Search3


One thing that users should take note of, is that when you click on any of the items in the carousel, your search will change to item you clicked on. From the above example, if you click on shoes the search bar will change from “kids clothing” to “shoes”. This will cause your search results below the carousel to change, but the carousel items will stay the same.

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