Google Adds a New Shopping Section to Search Results

Last week, Google rolled out a new complement to their search results which makes it easier for users to search for the most popular products on the web. When entering a query for a popular product, like “basketball shoes” for example, a new section will appear that highlights the most popular products in that search category. This section will mainly be used in the fashion industry initially, beginning with shoes, clothes, and accessories. This useful feature was created to help shoppers find a specific item and then compare prices, styles, and colors from different web stores, all in one place.

What’s Inside?

Within this new section, users can filter by style, color, size, and more. Once a product is selected, Google presents the user with a list of websites that sell that product, allowing users to compare pricing. Even product reviews will also be visible without leaving the search engine results page. Users will still need to leave the search results page to complete their purchase but can get most other information on the product right from Google. Google is able to organize products and indexes then from retailers across the internet and updates the information frequently.

How Does it Work?

For your company’s products to appear in this new section on the search engine results page, you must add your product feeds in Google Merchant Center and also apply the correct structured data-markup or schema to the corresponding product pages. Google has designed this new feature to improve organic traffic to online merchants. It’s totally free to be a part of Google’s indexing, so it doesn’t cost you anything to appear in this showcased section of the SERP.

Moving forward, Google says that they’ll be expanding the feature to more searches, categories, and products. So if you aren’t currently selling any clothing or accessories, you can begin planning your e-commerce catalog now for when this feature is rolled out to your industry. Some search engine marketers have raised the concern of fewer visitors reaching their website because the information is available on the results page. Google has countered with the point that if the product offerings look good to the user, organic traffic will only increase.

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