Google Addressed an Issue With Website Indexing in January 2024

There has been an ongoing issue with Google Search that has impacted many websites at the start of 2024. On February 1st, Google admitted to the fact that there had been an issue with Google’s ability to index new websites and content that they had been aware of. Many people are noticing that newly written content or requests to reindex content have not been effective since early January of this year. On the 5th of February, representatives from Google continued and explained that the fix for this solution is taking considerable time. As of the 8th of February, content that was not indexing in January and early February appears to finally be indexing.

What Does It Mean To Index Content?

Just because a website exists doesn’t mean Google knows about it. While Google is working constantly to scan the internet for new content it isn’t automatic. Indexing is the process by which Google finds new content and begins to serve links to it on its search engine. But you can actually help move this process along.

How Do You Index Content on Google?

The easiest way to make sure the content on your website is being represented on Google is to set up an account with Google Search Console and submit an XML sitemap. An XML sitemap is a link on your website that provides a list of links to each page on your website that you would like indexed on Google. This sitemap makes it easy for Google and other search engines to get an idea of what is on your website and get to work indexing the content. This is much faster than waiting for Google’s crawl bots to find your website and new content naturally.

How Can You Check If Your Content is Indexed on Google?

If you recently made changes to a page or you recently created a new page and are wondering if it is being served on Google, you can check in Google Search Console. The Inspect a URL tool allows you to paste in a URL from your website and get information about just that page including if it is indexed on Google. If it isn’t indexed on Google there might be reasons why. It might be that the URL is a known 404 error or that the URL is new and therefore hasn’t been indexed. If you have fixed the URL or recently created the URL you can request indexing to move that URL up in Google’s queue. This is also an effective way to make Google aware of any significant changes to a page’s content including the page title and meta description.

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