Google Ad Manager 2019 Review for PPC Specialists

Pay-per-click experienced a surge in use from paid ad managers and businesses of all sizes. In fact, the search engine giant believes that 2019 likely led to some of the most significant paid search use by Google Ads managers in the last decade. The rollout of new features, services, and business intelligence tools likely attributed to that, which Google recently reviewed for any other businesses that may not have a dedicated PPC campaign.

Via The Keyword blog, Alex Shellhammer, the Head of Publisher Marketing for Google Ad Manager, highlighted a series of changes and rollouts for PPC managers to help boost their budget and conversion tools on their paid ads. Any PPC manager that wants to learn more about specific ways to optimize their PPC can review a variety of briefs and materials to get started:

Throughout the year we also developed a suite of feature briefs that detail many of the capabilities and benefits that the Ad Manager platform delivers for partners. Published dozens of articles and blogs highlighting news and announcements about new product developments, events and partnerships. And added new articles to the monetization section on Think With Google, said Shellhammer.

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What are some of the major changes that PPC managers can use from 2019 and apply to their 2020 strategy? And if you need an expert to kickstart your paid search marketing efforts, contact Boston Web Marketing today to get started!

New products to improve PPC solutions

A series of new products also helped to improve PPC solutions for Google Ads managers that are rolling out a new ad campaign, improving previous performance, or enhancing multiple campaigns at once. Per Shellhammer:

  • Simplified how partners manage advertising revenue and increased transparency for everyone in the ecosystem by moving Ad Manager to a first price auction.
  • Helped TV partners transition to digital advertising by launching new features like inventory sharing, ad break templates, TV forecasting, and real-time reporting for live and on-demand content. See our comprehensive product guide detailing all the ways Ad Manager can help programmers manage their digital ads businesses.
  • Released Programmatic Guaranteed with custom creatives. Looking to get started with this direct deal type? Start here. Then move to this Think with Google article detailing how to get the most out of your programmatic reservations.

Improved ad quality for users

Some of Google’s biggest changes to paid advertising also included major changes to ad quality and content improvements. Specifically, the changes included blocking harmful or inappropriate ads for certain searches, added new transparency features, and enhanced compliance standards for publishers.

The new changes reward more strategic and creative Ad campaigns versus those that rely on black-hat tactics to spam or dishonestly boost their ad impressions.

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