Good Website Content Practices for 2023

Over 25 years ago, the co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates proclaimed “content is king”. All these years later, content still reigns over the digital space. Content that is original continues to serve an invaluable purpose. While content now comes in a variety of forms, content presence is as important as ever. Always keep in mind, not only should content be written by humans, it should also be written for humans. Here are five content practices website owners should strive for this year.

1. Rewrite Outdated and Old Content

If your website is more than a few years old, the content written on your website may not match up with current trends or may be out of style. In addition to that, there can be added SEO benefits to repurposing old website content. Search engines like Google typically reward newer, “fresher” content. Adding more words to underperforming content from years ago can also help raise its overall rankings. So, just because your blogs are old, does not mean they are useless. Quite the opposite.

2. Write for Your Customers

When writing content for your website, it is imperative to have a general sense of what potential customers in your industry will be searching for. Targeting a specific audience can always be achieved when matching your content with current industry trends. Keyword research never hurts.

3. Avoid A.I Generated Content

Artificial intelligence may be a trend this year, but it is best to avoid it when it comes to writing content. Manually written content will always outrank A.I generated content. On top of that, A.I content can be generated from content that already exists and that will only penalize your website. Search engines such as Google have advanced algorithms in place to detect when content is not being written by humans or for humans.

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