Good components to have for Urgent Care Centers

If you are thinking of starting up an Urgent Facility or already have an Urgent Care facility you should follow the following tips below to make sure that your locations are getting all of the web traffic that it can. Urgent Cares have become a popular business in the last couple of years because the younger generations prefer quick services over a traditional doctors office. In other words, now, is the perfect to get your Urgent Care company up & running!

Make sure your name is clear

If you are opening an Urgent care odds are there will be other Urgent Cares in the area. A good tip is to make sure you give your center a reliable name that lets people know exactly what you are. For example, if you go on Google’s Listings & see a “Patrick family office” or a ‘Patricks Urgent Care Boston” more than likely people will choose the center with the name “urgent care” in it a well as the location.  This is the basic format your center’s name should have so you can be found. Remember if you change the name of your center you must also change the domain name of your site as well as going through your site & changing all meta titles & descriptions!


When in the medical field reviews are everything for your center. Make sure that Yelp & Google reviews are set up & it is important to respond to all reviews as soon as possible. Yelp gives you credit for being on top of review responses & it also makes your urgent care give off a good impression of responsibility & caring even if you are responding to a bad review!

Website Layout

Urgent Care Centers are all about helping patients that come in. It is important that the patient can look up exactly what they are looking for on your site with ease. Have all of your services on the home page with Call to Actions so the patient always feels free to make an appointment at any time on the site.


Organic rankings in Urgent Care Centers especially when starting out can be hard to climb. The best way to make sure your Centers name is at the top of the Search page is to start a PPC campaign. This campaign will put you at the top of the page for as long as you would like it just depends on the set budget you have.

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