Give Your Website A Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time to clean up and refresh after a long winter. With the nicer weather and longer days, it’s an ideal time to clean your windows, do a garage clean-out, wash the floors, and more. Your newly cleaned space leaves you with a fresh start to feel organized and revived. This same “revived” look and feel can also be beneficial after doing a spring cleaning of your website. Here are a few ways you can “clean up” and update your website this spring to make sure it’s up to date and accurately representing your brand.

Update Content

Hopefully, you’ve been adding content to your site on a consistent basis, but if this is something that may have fallen off the wagon in the past few months now’s the time to get back on track! Not only is fresh content crucial for SEO, but it also ensures that your website is accurately reflecting your company’s current goals. If the last blog post is from a year ago, chances are you’re missing out on promoting the great things your company has accomplished in the past few months! Add a new blog post, update your mission statement, add new service areas, and any other content that is relevant to your goals.

Test Usability

In today’s world, where there are unlimited websites to choose from when doing a Google Search, it’s imperative that yours is “user-friendly.” If your site takes too long to load, there’s a good chance you may lose out on that customer, who will be quick to click the back arrow and visit another site. Site speed has become crucial in recent years. With so many searches being done on mobile devices, it’s also important that your site is mobile friendly. Make sure the content is displayed correctly on cell phones and tablets. You’ll also want to test links on your site to make sure they’re all working properly, and not leading to 404 errors.

Evaluate Calls-To-Action

The goal of your website is to not only educate users on your product or service but eventually get them to convert and become customers. It’s imperative that the CTA’s on your site are clear and obvious. Whether you want people to call you, fill out a form, make a purchase, sign up for your newsletter, etc., make sure that it’s clearly being communicated on your site.  

Contact Boston Web Marketing

If you do a “spring cleaning” of your site, and find that it’s no longer accurately depicting who you are as a company, isn’t working properly, has an outdated theme, etc., it may be time to consider a new website! At Boston Web Marketing, we specialize in modern website designs to create compelling sites that drive traffic and increase conversions/sales. Whether you’re in need on an entirely new site, or small edits, get in contact with us today to learn how we can help! Fill out an online form or give us a call at 857-526-0096!

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