Give Users a Reason to Follow You


Whenever we find ourselves no longer interested in someone’s content on social media, we will click that unfollow button in a heartbeat.  Trust and believe that if you are not posting content worth double-tapping, your users will unfollow you, too.
Social media is a numbers game: how many followers you have, how many likes your posts receive, and how often you’re posting.  And the higher the following you have, the better your profile looks.
But how do you gain a large following on social media?  It’s all about the content that you’re posting.
In order to accrue followers, you have to put them in front of interesting or valuable content that’s worth re-tweeting or re-blogging, sharing, liking, commenting, and subscribing to.  If you’re tweeting nonsense onto your user’s timelines, or posting random photos and videos on Instagram, your followers won’t be entertained by your content for too long.
If your user count has plateaued or you lost a significant amount of followers, some areas of your account you may want to analyze include:

  • Who is your following/target audience?
  • What kind of content are you posting?
  • How often are you posting?
  • What is the level of engagement on each post?

There’s no magical number of how many times a day you need to Tweet, or how often to post on Facebook or Instagram, but to gain the exposure you want for your brand, stay on your users’ minds by giving them the quality content you know they want.
Keep in mind the reason your users followed your account in the first place: because they were interested in your content.  Users are more likely to follow an account with which they feel like they have developed a relationship with the brand or they enjoy and look forward to the posts.  Be sure that you are consistently posting content relevant to your brand and content your users will enjoy.


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