Getting Your App Content Indexed By Google

With the rapid expansion in technology, it’s crucial for business owners to have a solid understanding of how to properly manage their content on both desktop and mobile sites. We have to start strategizing how to improve the interaction between various content and platforms. By doing so, this allows us to have a single URL that takes users to the most appropriate version of the content based on their personal context.

Begin by implementing deep linking for apps which have similar webpage content. This allows content to rank in mobile search. Google indexation offers several benefits for both iOS and Android apps. Below are some benefits for the Android:

  • Your app will appear in search results even for users who have not yet installed your app
  • Those who have not used your app will receive a query autocompletion when using a browser search that includes results from your app

However, on iOS apps, ranking is only supported for apps already stored on the device. Additionally, mobile apps that implement the new App Indexing API for deep linking may receive a boost in ranking from Google.

Apple is also generating their own version of a search index that will allow iOS9 users to search web and app content without using a third-party search engine. Bing has its own approach to app indexation and ranking as well while other services aren’t far behind.

To view step-by-step instructions on getting your iOS or Android app indexed, check out Moz.


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