Getting to Know Facebook & Instagram for SEO

Day in and day out, social media platforms help countless people connect with others. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, not only can these platforms help individuals grow their personal network, but they have also helped businesses grow exponentially. No matter what industry you’re based in, social media can be a valuable tool to help your brand get the attention that it deserves. In today’s blog, we’re going to be taking a closer look at Facebook and Instagram, more specifically, and explore basic information about them and if they are worthwhile tools to use in your SEO strategy. Learn more below or get in touch with us at Boston Web Marketing at 857.526.0096 to help your business get found online!


What You Should Know: Founded in 2005, Facebook has risen to become the most widely used social media platform of all. When it comes to gaining exposure for your business, creating a business-oriented Facebook account is simply a no-brainer. It’s free of charge (like many other social media platforms), relatively easy to use, and extremely popular. If you create engaging content and are consistent in doing so, you can grow a valuable following on Facebook, which in turn, can create more interest in your brand or business.

Is it Right For Me?: The chances are, yes, Facebook is a suitable place for your business, regardless of what industry you’re based in. Facebook is very versatile, allowing you to post everything from photos, and videos, and it even has live stream capabilities. When launching your social media strategy, Facebook should be at the front of the line.


What You Should Know: Having been bought by Facebook in recent years, Instagram is perhaps the easiest and most hassle-free platform to use in addition to Facebook. Particularly with the help of Meta Business Suite, Facebook’s comprehensive posting software, it’s never been easier to add an Instagram profile to the mix of your social media strategy.

Is it Right For Me?: It may depend on your industry or field. Characteristically, Instagram’s content focuses heavily on the use of photos and videos, and is not exactly the best platform to post written-word content such as news updates or general information. While it’s certainly popular and can help draw interest in your business, you will likely need to have aesthetically pleasing content to really generate interest in your page.

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