Getting The Most From Your Social Media Strategy

One of the biggest factors to improving online visibility is by having a social media presence. If you’re a small business, you probably already have various social media accounts established; perhaps you actively post, run paid campaigns, and reach out to customers who have left reviews or asked questions on your page.

All of this is a great strategy to have, yet for those of us who are looking to go the distance and really improve the social media aspect of our business, here are a few extra tips from the experts here at Boston Web Marketing.

  1. Don’t over post. Seriously. It’s great to have a profile on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn, but it isn’t necessary to be posting constantly on all of these platforms. It’s better to understand your audience and know which platforms they gravitate towards.
  2. Be social. After all, social media is all about interacting with other people; many businesses often forget the social aspect and just mechanically post because they know they have to. Try to be more interactive with the users who have followed you — this makes users feel unique and appreciated. Like their comment, ask them questions, reach out for their opinion on a product or service.
  3. Stay original. There’s a reason Google and other search engines are so hung up on the whole original content thing. Original content is just more interesting. Who wants to read a post or look at a picture they’ve already seen before? It’s okay to share an industry-related article or story, but be sure to also have your own content to share with the community.
  4. Join a group. Sometimes it’s hard for us to gain the number of followers or acquire the amount of Likes that we want. One of the best ways to increase these is by joining a Facebook group that’s industry-related. For example, if you own a pet grooming or pet supply company, join dog lover groups. Don’t forget to participate in discussions every now and again to make sure your page is visible to users.
  5. Stir the pot a bit. We don’t mean parade your personal opinions about religion or politics, but sometimes initiating a constructive conversation about an industry-related topic can go a long way. Ask thoughtful questions, play Devil’s Advocate, whatever will get people to start posting on your page.

If all else fails, try to be more conscious of what you are posting and when you are posting. For many platforms, you can check to see the demographics and age group of your audience as well as what time they are usually on social media. These tools can help further increase your social media presence.

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