Get Your Paid Ads Ready for the Holidays

It’s sad to think that even though it’s only the end of August, holiday chatter has slowly started to creep its way into the conversation. As much as we would like to resist and grasp on to any last bit of summer we can, it simply doesn’t change the fact that the holidays will come around whether we want them to or not. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. The holidays are beautiful! Stressful, yes, but otherwise a time to celebrate and enjoy both family and friends. The holidays also mean shopping, a lot of shopping. So, due to the impending surge of online shoppers, it’s time to get your brand prepared as best as possible for the very busy season. So, we’re here to provide a few tips on how you can diversify your paid media shopping campaigns.

Check the PLAs

Google Shopping is a great place to gather ideas for the holiday season. Product listing ads gained popularity back in 2011, and have become quite prominent within search results. When you focus at product level, you’re allowing for longer tailed queries, and in the process optimizing all product aspects that are important for online visibility. This allows the most relevant products being search to be displayed across a range of search modifiers.
With product listing ads providing an image, title, price, and other important information, it’s important to keep your merchant feed up to date with accurate product descriptions and pricing. Doing this ensures your paid campaigns will have a higher return on ad spend.

Play Around with Amazon

To say Amazon is huge is putting it lightly. Over half of all product searches begin on Amazon, so it’s time to take advantage of their product listings and online conversions. Most users on Amazon want to get the most information they can in the shortest amount of time. Since Amazon’s system is built around reviews, search results pages, and paid media capabilities for brands, executing sponsored product campaigns can give you a direct return on conversions. Amazon is a highly competitive environment for online retailers, and optimizing your product listings can definitely increase your online sales and brand visibility.
If you’re looking for a greater return on paid shopping campaigns, be sure to optimize your product images, descriptions, and pricings. Holiday season is right around the corner, and there is no busier shopping time of the year. Be prepared, or watch your competitors scoop up all of your sales.

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