Get your Clients to Help Create Fresh Content

Creating fresh website and blog content can drive a small business owner crazy. Keeping a site’s content fresh is essential to climbing search results pages. While business owners may understand this and have the desire to publish quick, fresh updates once or twice a week, it can be difficult to find things to talk about on your blog, website, or social media platforms. So why not draw on customers, clients, and business partners to help you keep your content fresh? Testimonials and project updates are terrific ways to inject fresh content to your site. A news piece describing a big deal that was recently finished will also be useful. If you are able to turn some of your day-to-day business into content, then creating fresh content will become simpler. And if there is no news at your company, go create some by building and sending a survey to your customers and clients to see what they have to say about your business.

This survey does not have to be up to particularly rigorous data collection standards and it is not necessarily an effort to fish for good testimonials. The goal is to collect information about how others see your business. Make sure that some of your questions give your clients the opportunity to talk about your products or services and the areas that you serve. This will make sure that the survey results will give you information relating to your most valuable keywords.

Once you have this information, there are a few different ways you can go about publishing this content. Clients hopefully have wonderful things to say about you, and come clients may not mind being featured on your website. In this case, you can publish their response as a testimonial and let them sing your praises while also mentioning the locations you are serving well and the products or services in which you are excelling.  If you do not wish to publish client information on your site, you could publish information about what clients deem to be their “favorite” products or services, how frequently your clients are in contact with you, or how they use your product or services. Maybe the client has an anecdote that is somewhat related to your services and is just waiting to be shared. While you may have much of this information available in your records, you never know what a client will have to say about you until they ask.

-Andrew Wise

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