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When your company evolves and becomes bigger than how it started, you may want to update your brand to match your new identity and revamp your website.  Your brand defines how customers see your business, and when you want to commit to a rebrand, you’re risking the awareness and image that you’ve established on social media.

The process of rebranding can be a daunting task.  Changing your domain name, designing a new website, creating new logos, and adding new content are a few things to consider when shifting from the old brand to the new, but one important step is managing your social media accounts throughout the entire process.

By preparing each social media profile prior to the relaunch, you are taking the time to finalize how you want to reestablish your business, understand what is going into the rebrand, and avoid costly mistakes.

Staying on top of your social media by updating your profiles should be at the forefront of your rebranding process.   Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are a few of the major social media sites to provide users with quick updates about your rebrand and gives you a chance to engage with them to receive feedback.  A glimpse of your new logo, teaser updates, and blogs about why you’re rebranding are a few ways you can generate early interest.

Getting the conversation going on social media allows the process to go smoother.  Establishing your new brand online helps patrons of your business become familiarized with your name change, and helps potential customers or clients know who you are.  On the day of your relaunch, your followers will have known about your rebrand because you have been actively engaging with them.

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