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Analytics are an important part of measuring the effectiveness of your search engine optimization plan and the good news is there is more information available to you than ever.

Last week, Google Webmasters Tools has upped the results available to a 90-day period.  This will allow you to review much more information at one time and allow you to spot some trends in search terms and user activity.

Here’s a reminder of some of information you can find with Webmaster Tools:

For the selected data range, the default is a month, you can view the number of queries that brought searchers to your site, the total impressions and clicks to the site, and the number of impressions and clicks for those listed queries.

For each query, the Webmaster Tools will tell you:

  • Number of impressions – the number of times your site was displayed as a search result
  • Number of clicks – the number of times people clicked on your site as a result of that search
  • CRT (click through rate) –  the percentage of clicks you received as a result of that particular search result
  • Average position – the average position the highest ranked URL for that site appeared in search results for the query across all searchers

You can also find the change from one time frame to another.  However, the change percentages are still not available for more than 30 days.  While the change details used to be visible by default, you now need to click the With Change button to see them in the report.  If you have the change percentage currently displayed, you need to turn that off in order to increase the date range to more than days.

Remember, these tools can be a great way to review how well your site is performing currently so that you can make changes to titles, content and descriptions that will make you more easily found in a Google search.

-Don Mac Melville

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