Get More Followers for Your Facebook Business Page

Of course by now you know that, as a small business, having an active Facebook page is an important way to market yourself online.  Not only is it a way to promote your activities like sales and discounts, it is also a good way to get feedback, suggestions and engage in dialog with customers and prospects.  But, do people know you’re out there?

If you’re smart, you already have some kind of link or button on your website that will lead people to your page, but what about prospects who haven’t been to your site?  There are many Facebook users out there who find businesses through the application itself.  Sometimes friends have liked or subscribed to businesses and that makes people take a look at new pages and others discover things through ordinary advertising.

Facebook has just rolled out a new way to advertise your page and hopefully generate more “Likes” for your business to build your online audience.  A new advertising option is available through the Admin section of your business page under Build Your Audience.  There are several options under here, but basically Facebook pre-builds your ad for you and even suggests a daily budget.  Whether or not it is worth doing is up to you, of course, but for a business with not many Facebook followers, it could help to get your page greater exposure.


Remember though, your page is only as good as its activity.  Post actively and engage with people for best results.

By Don MacMelville

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