Get Links for Your Local Business

Link building can be a difficult task regardless if you have the budget and resources.Having a strong link profile is essential when it comes to the search engines.

Good links can be defined as:

  1. Driving direct referral traffic
  2. Gaining visibility to your target audience
  3. Building your reputation

So, how do we actually build the links?

Get yourself known

By ¬†standing out, you can get your brand featured in places such as The Wall Street Journal or The Denver Post. Think about issues that are familiar to everyone and develop an on-page asset. Finally, submit it to a local newspaper. Make sure you don’t skip out on any content or graphics!

Get a local business award

A majority of cities and towns have local business awards which are usually run by a local paper, the chamber of commerce or other organizations. Sometimes you need to win to get mentioned while other times you only need to get nominated. All you have to do is a simple Google search. Take a look below.

  • nominate a business + state name
  • city name + nominate a business
  • best of state or city + nominate

There are a number of ways you can gain strong backlinks to your business including:

  • hosting a community event
  • donating to a local organization
  • offering discounts
  • promoting a local resource

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