Get a Super Bowl Audience without the Advertising Costs

If you say it can’t be done, you’re right. But, there is a Super Bowl-sized audience out there and if you’re smart you’re at least going to get into the game.

We’ve already learned that a good SEO plan includes using as many social networking sites as you can and if you haven’t yet jumped onto YouTube, you could be missing a very sizeable audience.  YouTube has just announced that it now has one billion monthly unique users. To put that into perspective, YouTube tells us that the number is the equivalent of about ten Super Bowl’s worth of viewers.  That means that nearly one out of every two people who use the internet visit YouTube.

Now, that doesn’t guarantee you an audience that large, but it does tell us that with a user base so big, odds are good that your video(s) will be seen.  So what to do?

Make sure you have a YouTube channel for your product or service.  Post regular videos.  Tag your videos well so that they will be found in searches and keep them to a nice reasonable length.  Of course, making them interesting or even compelling won’t hurt if you want viewers to come back again.

By Donald MacMelville

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