How to Generate Website Content If You Dislike Writing

There is nothing worse than staring down a blank page, not knowing how to start a piece. Blogging is essential for marketing your business online, but generating content on a regular basis can be extraordinarily difficult, especially if you do not have a writing background. You need to get your ideas out there, so making it through that initial doubt and frustration requires you to put on your thinking cap and get creative.

Here are a few tips for generating website content if you dislike writing:

  • Start in your comfort zone. Writing about something you are not too familiar with will make content generation that much more difficult, so start by talking about something you know about. This should not be too difficult; you want to promote your business within your industry, so you do not want to branch out too far from your comfort zone. Write with clear authority and your readers will respect your blog.
  • Ask other people for ideas. If you are really struggling to come up with content, outsource the brainstorming process! Take to social media to see what your following wants to see on your blog, or talk with others in your company to see if they have any ideas of their own. Being creative is a collaborative operation, so you never want to leave yourself stranded without any help or outside input.
  • Write it all down and edit later. Sometimes it is best to just get all of your ideas down on paper and edit and shape the writing later. One of the reasons a blank page is so intimidating is that you start to over analyze your thoughts and start to think they are not good enough. Send your doubts and dreads packing by doing a brain dump; open up a Word document and start typing. Chances are you will find something worth exploring.

Your website needs to be updated on a frequent basis with fresh content, particularly in the form of blog posts. Even if you do not enjoy the process of writing, the tips in this piece will help you get through those moments when you have writer’s block. Attracting readers to your blog can lead to sales leads and conversions, so with a little help, your writing can be both interesting and compelling.

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