How Can I Gain More Social Media Followers?

If you’re new to social media, it can be hard at first to get a consistent band of followers. It takes time to build trust in your business and to gain the right audience, but with the right tools and strategy, your digital presence can become well-established in no time. Review the tips below to learn the best way to build your social media following!

Have a Firm Brand Identity

When looking at your social media, people should be able to clearly distinguish your brand or influencer identity from others on the platform. Optimizing your profile to relay this can include establishing a logo, particular color scheme, or voice. For example, if you are a soul-food restaurant, your profile should have deep, rich colors, such as browns, greens, and oranges. You should also have a clear logo with either a graphic or the name of your business. At the end of the day, you want people to glance at your profile and immediately associate it with your product or service.

More than this, all the posts on your feed should feel cohesive. On Instagram, a feed is composed of rows of three. Develop a theme for your account – perhaps every third post can be a recipe reel or professional photo of a plate you serve in your restaurant. Keep things organized while still being visually interesting.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags, which consists of the # symbol combined with certain keywords, are a great way to associate your account or brand with subjects your target audience is interested in. Linking your content with similar content through a hashtag automatically makes your post more relevant and increases visibility.

Adding hashtags to your posts that are commonly used is something you should try to do for each post while you’re building your followers. Once you develop a following you’re satisfied with noticeable, consistent growth, you don’t have to use hashtags as frequently. Try to use between 5-10 hashtags per post.

Interact with Your Current Followers

The followers you have are just as important as the followers you are trying to attract. Responding to comments and messages, along with acknowledging tagged posts and either reposting or commenting on them, lets your audience know you care. It also helps them develop a more personal connection with your brand, prompting them to make a purchase or invest in your service. People that don’t follow you will see how dedicated you are to connecting with your audience, and this will attract their support as well.

Post Consistently

To gain new followers, you must maintain visibility. Posting regularly increases your chances of getting found while keeping your current audience interested. Ideally, you should post to your social media accounts 2-3 times per week. This should be a mix of pictures and videos. It is also worth reposting content that your followers have tagged you in – they will usually be inclined to share that post on their own profile, which is another boost in visibility for your brand.

Follow Similar Brands or Accounts

Every business should stay aware of their competitors. More than this, following accounts with a similar brand aesthetic as yours or one that offers similar products or services is good for business. You can gain inspiration while performing regular market research, staying up to date with current trends so your brand never falls behind. However, be selective about the accounts you choose to follow. As a brand, a follow on social media is considered by the public as an endorsement – if you end up following an account that is experiencing a PR snafu, you can get caught up in the mix too. Only follow accounts you trust and keep tabs on others by making an Excel spreadsheet of your competitors.

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