Free & Easy Video Optimization With YouTube Transcription

Google is good, Google is very good.

It knows more about you than you’re probably comfortable with. It knows vast amounts of information throughout countries, businesses, trends and future trends, and will only get more intuitive and intelligent as time goes on. This is why it’s an intelligent choice to ditch the black-hat SEO loophole tactics and stick with a clean, smart, and honest online marketing strategy, because Google will become privy to your trickery sooner or later, and it might mean big penalizations for your site and a lot of clean-up work for you.

Having said that, there are a few things Google can’t do so well.

Reading or understanding images and video is, thus far, Google’s downfall. Google is really only able to identify an image or video based upon what “alt text” is associated with it. Again, it shouldn’t be surprising that Google has been working on a solution to its blind-spot and may well soon roll out new software addressing the issue. For now, Google has to take the alt text at face value.

When it comes to images, alt text is really the key to identifying your image so that Google can read it. For video though, it’s slightly more complex. The best way to tell Google the contents of your video is by uploading a transcript. YouTube SEO might be something
you’ll want to look into.

Video Transcription

Depending on how long your video is, this may be a serious amount of work. Luckily, Google offers a clever little program that can transcribe your video for you. After uploading, choose to “transcribe video” and Google will run through your video and create a script to the best of its ability. Best of all, Google transcription is free! Strong video SEO will bring your video to new heights.

Get the most mileage out of your online video.

The transcript will likely have at least a few errors due to limitations in software, so go through and read it yourself – you can edit the transcript as needed. This is a great tool to let Google know exactly what is in your video and help people who might want to find it in their searches!

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