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Four Ways Google Search Console Can Help Improve SEO for Your Business.

There are many different tools out there that can help a business improve SEO and optimize an overall website. One of the most popular and helpful tools is Google Search Console. Unlike many search engine optimization tools out there, Google Search Console is free to use. It also provides a variety of different information that can be valuable and beneficial to a website and a business. Here are four features that Google Search Console offers that can benefit you!

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a crucial part of optimizing a website. Google Search Console has an easy way of showing words that users search to get to a website within the “Queries” tab. Google Search Console allows for people to see how many impressions and clicks each searched term has, making it easy to identify which words or phrases should be used as keywords on a website. GSC also allows you to filter through keywords by changing the date range or putting in what you want keywords to include or exclude. This feature can help businesses find blog topics or FAQ topics from what users are actually searching for.

Identify Errors

Any URL errors found on a website will be listed under the “Coverage” tab in Google Search Console. A common error that is identified are 404 errors. 404 errors can be caused when a page is deleted and does not have a 301 or 302 redirect to another page. If these errors are identified and fixed promptly, then a website’s ranking will not be negatively affected. 

Mobile Friendly 

Google crawls websites to see their responsiveness, how quickly the pages load, and how mobile-friendly the site is. Google Search Console provides users with pages that need to be improved to enhance the mobile experience. Websites that create a better mobile experience will rank higher than ones that don’t. Utilize GSC to find and fix pages that are not mobile-friendly.

Submit Sitemaps

Google Search Console is an easy place to submit a website’s XML sitemap. An XML sitemap is a list of all the URLs within a website. Websites need to keep their XML sitemap updated. If you have added new pages/content to your website recently, then it is a good idea to update your website’s sitemap. This is important to do because it allows for Google to quickly and easily crawl every URL on a website and be able to reward your website accordingly.

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