Forecasting Your Organic Traffic

While you can always plan your marketing strategy months or even a year in advance, there’s no sure telling of how your website traffic will ultimately perform, but planning ahead can benefit your company’s online strategy.

Ever changing algorithm updates make it nearly impossible to predict the accuracy of what a change will do to your website traffic since there are a number of factors that come into play of how you will end up ranking organically.   But taking those external factors into account, there are ways you can have an idea of what traffic will be like in the future.

Forecasting website traffic can add value by providing a more accurate approach to setting goals for the future, which can be applied to projects and overall strategy.

Here are a few ways you can do that:

Establish a Baseline

Determine where your traffic originates and volume of traffic, and once you have your historical data, have a critical look at your website from a user standpoint and identify areas of improvement as well as responsive web design, page load speed, and sharing tools that can make a difference in overall website traffic.

Analyze Annual and Seasonal Trends

Once you’ve established a baseline for your data, your next step is to look at how your traffic numbers are affected seasonally and annually.  Analyze how your traffic has performed month over month, and if you have the data, look at the last 2-3 years.

Research Upcoming Algorithm Updates

Search engines like Google are constantly making updates in their continuing efforts to improve search results.  Because of these changes, your website traffic can be negatively impacted.  If your website or pages have the potential to be negatively affected by search engine updates, the best way to stay afloat is by reading up on algorithm updates and examining how you can recover lost traffic.

Plan for Upcoming Projects

Had any previous projects for your content marketing strategy that performed well?  Based on past project performance, you should have a solid idea of what generates the most traffic for your website, whether it was new product releases, new services, or a blowout sale.

Expect Change

Predicting website traffic is like having your palms read: things can always change.  New industry trends release, new competitions come to your area, and you could change your entire vision for your company.  But by establishing a baseline and understanding your website’s historical data, you have a solid idea of what to expect for the future of your website traffic.

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