Five Ways Customer Reviews Can Help SEO

Reviews are a very big part of the web and are vital for local businesses reputations. Not only can they strengthen your brand’s reputation, but they can also help your SEO strategy.

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Creates Fresh Content

Frequently adding good reviews to a site, creates fresh, new user-generated-content. Reviews from past buyers are also influential for future customers.

Boosts Long-Tail Keywords

When buyer’s write reviews of the products they have purchased, they often use language that is similar to the language that your target audience will use to search for products and services. Consistently receiving and posting reviews will help target more traffic through keywords.

Boosts Social Conversation

Positive reviews help get buyers and potential buyers to talk about your brand, products and services. This will increase the social reach and potentially sales.

Favored by Google

Google takes the rating of sites into consideration, favoring those with higher ratings.

Show Visible Star Ratings

When star ratings are shown in search results, potential buyers know they can trust your brand right away. This will increase traffic to your site and potentially increase sales. When users are searching for products, services, and places, they often base their decision off of ratings. Ratings also serve as an additional opportunity to reach your potential audience when they search for reviews of your products and services.

Helpful Hint: Reply to negative reviews immediately. Face them head-on and demonstrate your willingness to work with and help people.

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