Five Ways Client Reviews Can Help SEO

We all know that business owners wants good client reviews, but did you know they actually help SEO as well? It’s been estimated that review signals account for 9.8% of the total ranking factors for Google, meaning that businesses can benefit from them. See how else client reviews can help SEO!

Creates new, user-generated content

Reviews make a great form of fresh, unique content, and since it’s coming directly from users, this content is more influential for future customers.

Boosts social conversation

Positive reviews can help your brand become popular, increasing both sales and the social reach. Using these reviews as part of your social strategy is a great way to gain loyal customers.

Google favors highly-rated sites

Google takes the rating of sites into consideration when crawling them, and favors the ones with the highest ratings. Since ratings can help boost your sites ranking on Google, focus not only on how to get more reviews, but also how to get better reviews.

Users favor higher-rated sites

Users tend to visit and contact businesses that have higher ratings because they can instantly judge whether they can trust the product or not. Visitors treat these online reviews like personal recommendations. This in return helps drive web traffic and boost sales.

Improves Long-Tail Keyword Traffic

As more people start searching reviews for your products, it will help you gain more traffic and rank higher in SERPS. This will increase the chances of seeing more long-tail keyword searches in the form of [product name] + review.

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