Five Simple, Yet Effective, Ways to Build Local SEO

Local SEO is critical to ensure that your nearby customers can quickly find and purchase your services. Additionally, good localized SEO allows you to capture markets that are closer to you and further away from your competitors.

However, it takes time and effort to build a good local SEO campaign. Creating content, promoting messaging on social media, and optimizing web pages are always helpful in local SEO. But there are other tools and techniques that allow digital marketing professionals to more rapidly build out their local SEO and improve local organic searches.

Here is a list of five effective, but relatively simple, methods for improving your local SEO:

1. Create and optimize a Google My Business account 

Google My Business (GMB) can be a key driver for your local SEO efforts and help improve online conversions significantly. Make sure you are creating a GMB page with accurate NAP information, service areas, and other business details. In addition, also provide content on your GMB pages including promotions, blogs, and similar content pieces.

2. Use reviews to your advantage and positively manage consumer frustrations

Reviews can be a double-edged sword for most businesses. A glowing review of your business on Yelp or GMB can help entice other consumers to visit your business. Conversely, a negative review can steer others away from your business.

Make sure that you encourage consumers to leave positive reviews after they have completed their purchases. You’ll also want to use community management tools like Yelp commenting to address any negative feedback and remedy negative consumer experiences.

3. Create new content for your website and other content channels 

As mentioned above, content is indeed king when it comes to digital marketing. Make sure you’re creating localized content like aggregated news feeds, community updates, and other online interactions with local groups/organizations.

Blog posts and other forms of informative content pieces can help to build local SEO significantly.

4. Use Google’s Keyword Planner to identify local keyword opportunities 

Any new content or local SEO efforts require strong local keywords as well. A great way to identify these keywords is through Google’s Keyword Planner. Make sure to use terms such as “near (location)” and other types of identifying information to link a local service area to your business content.

5. Take advantage of online directories and other high-volume referral channels 

Online directories like YellowPages, Yelp, MapQuest, and others help build local SEO and drive referral traffic to your business’s web pages.

Incorporate these effective SEO tools into your local marketing efforts to see increases in organic traffic as well as local conversions!

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