Five Reasons Website Owners Should Use Google Trends

If you have never used Google Trends before, you can still probably deduce what it is. Google Trends is a free website tool developed by Google that allows users to see how popular a specific search term is at a given time. In the SEO world, knowing how a particular keyword related to your industry is doing is imperative. On top of that Google Trends even has a feature where you can compare a keyword to another keyword. Google Trends is easy to use and ready to help. Here are five reasons you should use Google Trends if you own a website

1. Google Trends Can Help You Identify Strong Blog Topics 

Writing blogs is essential when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, but what you write about is just as important. Google Trends allows users to learn what topics are trending in real time. From there, users can write about subjects relevant to what is trending. It goes without saying that writing about more popular topics will lead to higher website traffic. 

2. Keyword Comparisons

There are so many words that mean the same thing but will rank differently in search results. Google trends will allow users to see how similar words stack up against each other. Using the most popular keyword will give your website the best chance to rank high on search engine queries. 

3. Google Trends Can Help You Get a Sense of How Your Competitors Are Doing 

By typing your competitors name into the Google Trends search bar, you can easily see how often your competitors name is being searched for. If your competitors are receiving high search volume, they are doing something right and you analyze their website to get some ideas

4. Google Trends Can Pinpoint Underperforming Keywords

There is nothing worse than putting in time for something and not getting nearly the results you seek. By using Google Trends, not only can website owners learn about popular keywords, but website owners can learn about keywords that are no longer popular. Once a website owner knows which keywords are not ranking well, they can shift their focus to different keywords for future content.

5. Google Trends Can Be a Local Resource

While Google Trends is mostly used on a national scale, it can also provide local data. If you want to learn more about whats trending locally, Google Trends is a tool that can help you accomplish that.

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