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How To Find The Right Posts To Boost On Facebook

Facebook has more than 2.4 billion users worldwide, making it one of the most popular social platforms today. Many users go on Facebook to connect with family and friends, promote their business, or discover new businesses. Facebook is constantly finding new ways to work with businesses to improve their marketing and customer engagement. With the options on Facebook Meta Suite for businesses, there are many options for your goals for Facebook ads. From boosting posts, increasing customer engagement and messages, getting more leads, promoting your page, and many other goals for your business, Facebook has opened up a whole new world for businesses! Boosting posts is one of the most excellent ways to get products and services out by making ads customized to your style and budget. But you may wonder,” how do I know which posts are good to boost?”. See below for some Facebook boost tips, and contact Boston Web Marketing for more help on ads for your business!

Tips For Finding The Right Post To Boost On Facebook

With the number of users constantly on the rise, so is the competition for business owners on Facebook. These tips below help find the post to boost on Facebook to interact with your target market.

Find The Right Content

When deciding between many of your Facebook posts to boost, it’s always a good idea to choose content with attractive images, easy-to-read fonts, and persuasive and enticing to potential customers. Facebook posts that are more eye-catching and interesting to the correct target audience will have more engagement and link clicks than those that aren’t. Boosting your best-performing content is more beneficial than boosting your content that doesn’t already have much interaction and engagement. 

Find The Right Time To Boost

Like finding the right time to post on Facebook, finding the right time to boost is equally as important. Specific data has proven that businesses’ Facebook posts scheduled between 9-10 AM, 12-1 PM, and 4-5 PM had the highest engagement. These posts performed better than other boosted posts scheduled at different times of the day. That said, businesses don’t necessarily HAVE to post during those time frames to get the best results, but those who do will find they have a higher chance of customer engagement. 

Set Clear Goals

Before starting to boost any Facebook post, it is crucial to set clear goals and expectations after you have found the content and time for your boosting. Are you trying to increase engagement? Improve your brand awareness? Get more page likes? Generate leads or send more traffic to your website? These goals and expectations are essential, and you should understand precisely what you are trying to achieve from each boosted Facebook post. With an understanding of your goals, it helps you to focus on one thing at a time and see how well you performed towards your goal. This enables you to measure your post’s performance; if you met your goal, your boosted post must have gone well. If you didn’t meet your goal, you can figure out what went wrong and try to improve it the next time. 

Set The Correct Target Audience

With Facebook Ads, each business can let Facebook determine the target audience based on who follows your page and likes your content, or you can select one of your own. Improving your targeting allows you to find the perfect audience to enjoy interacting with your content. Although Facebook has a great idea of its users and who they think would benefit from your boosted content, sometimes businesses have a specific target audience they are trying to reach, so it may be more beneficial for them to set their audience. 

Set A Reasonable Duration

Don’t assume a post that is scheduled for longer will perform better. When boosting on Facebook, it is vital that you set the post for a reasonable duration. This is critical for how successful your post will turn out. Picking posts and ensuring you do not schedule more than one a week will also help you obtain successful results. If you have a small audience, it can risk your post being shown to them more than once, which may irritate the users and backfire on your marketing intentions. 

Constantly Experiment With It

The main thing with marketing and advertising is the importance of being patient. It is essential to constantly test and experiment with your ads and content and watch how it reacts to record the results or see how you can improve next time. This is the best approach to running successful Facebook ads and seeing what works for your business and doesn’t. It may take some patience, but once you have mastered your goals and see the results you were determined to know, it will all become more manageable and worth the experience. 

Boost Your Facebook Posts With Boston Web Marketing

Are you still unsure which posts are the right ones to boost for your business? Consider contacting Boston Web Marketing for guidance! We have worked with different industries from all over Massachusetts and beyond to help improve their search appearance and traffic to their website. Let us help you get found quickly by offering our SEO and Facebook Ad services to your business. For more information, call us at 857-526-0096 or fill out our contact form

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