What’s New with Google Assistant?

In this very new update, Google has announced a new campaign towards “good news”. This experiment is only for the U.S., and Google has not announced how long they intend to keep this update around. This update gives you the option to directly ask Google to hear & read good  news  by simply saying, ” Google, tell me something good.”

Why good news?

Google has admired a study from Yale that deals with the media & what information is given to us. It is in our human instinct to talk about bad news & the dangers of what is happening around us. Unfortunately, with today’s technology, we are always exposed to bad news & we can’t unplug. The amount of good news we hear is very minimal & it makes most people believe there isn’t much good news in the world. This leads us to only think about the problem & not the solution.

The problem vs solution

When we only think of a problem we over rationalize & our thought process makes hope seem like it is not attainable; this is called the “hope gap”. The point of this experiment is to get people to start thinking positive about the world around them. The prediction is when people watch good news they will in return have more hope. Google believes if we have more positive news it will result in positive thinking, thus resulting in more people coming up with more solutions to problems. Google wants us to change our views on the world & show us we are not in such a dangerous place after all.

What is the end goal?

Postive thinking becoming popular again is definitely one of Google’s goals, however, the end goal currently is not clear. We can only speculate what is going to happen at the end of this experiment & see what the final results will be. If this experiment is a success, this update may be implemented around the world. If you are having a rough day or feel like you can’t get away from the bad news just remember to pick up your phone and say “Google, tell me something good.”



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