Feature Snippets Steal Significant Traffic From Organic Results

Feature snippets can negatively impact the clicks to the top organic search results according to one study. The study, done by Ahrefs, states that when a feature snippet is present, the CTR of the organic results can fall about 20 percent. The study states that when a snippet is not present, the organic listing gets a 26 percent CTR, and a 19.6 percent click through rate when there is a snippet. The snippet itself gets about an 8.6 percent CTR.

Ahrefs also analzyed 112 million keywords to further test their research and found out the following:

  • 12.29 percent of searches include featured snippets.
  • Only 30.9 percent of featured snippets rank at the very top of search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • 99.58 percent of the featured snippets are already in the top 10 positions on SERPs.
  • Most of the featured snippets that show are triggered by long-tail keywords.
  • Wikipedia contains the most amount of featured snippets in Google searches.
  • Featured snippets often change sources depending on the optimization done by the source website.

Digital marketers should take this into consideration when optimizing their websites. Making the move to optimize for feature snippets even more important. When optimizing your website to rank well on results pages, marketers should consider featured snippets to get the best results of their optimization.

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