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FAQ: Google’s Upcoming Core Algorithm Updates

Google is planning multiple core algorithm updates this summer. This is unprecedented from Google. Usually, core updates are few and far between. Google frequently makes small tweaks to their algorithm throughout the year, but large core updates happen infrequently and with a decent amount of lead-up time. However, this summer, Google is pulling out all of the stops to update its search algorithm in multiple waves. In May we saw a new algorithm update fixated on website performance with a focus on website speed. So what can we expect with these next few updates?

When Is Google Updating Their Core Algorithm?

Google has already launched one of two major updates that they planned for this summer. Their June update launched in the first week of the month. They plan to send out an additional core update in July. This is the first time Google has had two major updates this close together. Generally, Google makes one large update, and then there is a decent amount of time for companies to adjust their SEO strategies before the next update.

What Can I Expect With Google’s Algorithm Updates?

Whenever Google updates its algorithm there is often a lot of fluctuation in how you rank for certain keywords. Some websites will see a boost in traffic while others will see a decrease. However, with these two updates happening so close together any gains or losses a business has in June should be taken with a grain of salt. It is very possible that a business might see a spike in traffic (either up or down) in June, and then have that reversed in July.

What Do I Need To Do To Rank Better On Google?

The key to these two algorithm updates is to continue best SEO practices. These algorithm updates are designed to uplift companies that are doing everything right and penalize those that are “gaming” the system. Black hat strategies like link buying, thin/duplicate content and other cheat methods for boosting ranking are likely to be penalized. Additionally, creating strong content that is authoritative and trustworthy will continue to help businesses improve their ranking. The core web vitals updated was aimed at businesses that have slow websites or websites that are not easy to use on mobile devices.

Get Help With Your SEO Strategy

If you want to rank better for your services on Google and Bing, please contact Boston Web Marketing. Our team stays up to date on all of Google’s algorithm updates to ensure that our clients are able to get the best out of each update and both improve and maintain their search rankings.

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