Facebook’s Next Big Change

As everyone knows, Facebook is constantly changing. Over the years, those who are active Facebook users have noticed big changes including the timeline feature. Facebook’s biggest new change is their search engine. In the past, Facebook’s search engine couldn’t direct you to Facebook content, in fact Microsoft’s Bing would help to provide results. As of December 13th, Facebook has severed ties with Bing as its primary search engine in favor of their own search platform.

Any Facebook post, can now be found with a quick search. Each person can easily search past stories from their friends and surrounding network. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg has stated all the posts add up to over a staggering 1 trillion posts! Our most popular social media platform is changing as we know it. In the past, if we wanted to find a past image or post from one of our friends we would have to dig deep into the Facebook timeline. This is no longer the case as Facebook recognizes past status and can direct us to them with a few keywords.

Facebook now understands everyone from every post to every story they have shared. This will dramatically alter Facebook advertising as we know it today. In the past Facebook had to guess what we wanted based on our friends, likes and what we browsed. Now everything we say will be incorporated into Facebook.

Facebook could go as far as reading your last post about being sick, and could post an advertisement directly on your timeline for a local doctor. Facebook has been collecting posts and status for 8 years. At first they were displayed on the news feed, then through the Timeline and now through the search feature.

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