Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Update

Facebook is currently working on a few tweaks for its news feeds algorithm update. With the hopes to minimize the visibility of content the company considers “spammy”, reduce like-baiting strategy and examine “spammy links.”

Facebook found that stories that utilize the like-baiting strategy are “15% less relevant” than stories that achieve the same type of engagement organically. Like-baiting is usually an attempt for businesses to engage users to like, comment or share a post. Facebook will be identifying “spammy links” and examine how users engage with post after clicking a link. A “spammy links” can be a link to a photo or video but instead it tricks users to click a link that is filled with unnecessary ads.

This new tweak is in direct response for negative feedback from users complaining about an excess of spammy content in their news feeds. This change will not affect a majority of content publishers, unless of course your are guilty of posting spam.

By Tony Fong


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