Facebook’s New Tools For Commerce & Local Discovery

Facebook has added new tools to help their dream of becoming the mobile solution for local businesses, as well as a local commerce platform for consumers a reality. The other day, the social media giant introduced new tools to help local businesses consumers interact more while using their mobile devices.

These new tools include:

  • booking and ordering for pages
  • social recommendations
  • local event discovery

Out of these tools introduced, the ability for consumers to order food online, buy tickets and book appointments through call to action buttons has been the most important. These consumer options on local business pages are done through Facebook’s partnerships with a number of third party companies. Booker, BookingBug, Front Desk and HomeAdvisor are a few of these partnerships. For buying tickets to events and movies Facebook has partnered with Fandango and EventBrite to make this option a reality to consumers. While Porch and TalkLocal partnerships give Facebook users the ability to requests quotes for professional services.

A few of these features will have users interact via Messenger with the business they are looking at to further the buying process. For most of the cases of these new features, the local business will need to be tied into the providers, that Facebook has partnered with, in order to offer these capabilities to their consumers on their Page.

To help Facebook users find services they are in need of, Facebook has added a new “Recommendations” option when a user makes a post on Facebook. If they are looking for advice on local services or places, users can switch on “Recommendations” on their posts so their friends and followers can make suggestions. Within these posts, friends can comment on the post with suggestions of local businesses for the user who posted the request. When they make a suggestion they can include a local business’s Facebook Page as well as the business mapped out in the comment.

As of now, only people in a user’s network can see the see or provide the recommendations. However, this new feature provides a great way for people to discovery highly recommended businesses and drive traffic to a local business page.


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