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In 2012, Social Media has become more important than ever for a business owner. Social Media creates all sorts of free marketing and advertising if it is used correctly or if you are targeting the right crowd. LinkedIn and Facebook have emerged at 2 of the top Social Media networks on the web. As a business owner, the question becomes: Which site is better; Facebook or LinkedIn? Although you should be using both, here is a breakdown of the two!

The common perception for LinkedIn is that it is business driven; therefore it is better to market your business on LinkedIn rather than Facebook. Although Facebook is more socially driven, studies have found that business minded people are still in their business mindset while trolling around on Facebook. Given the high numbers of users, Facebook can be a tremendous marketing tool if used effectively.

Facebook has nearly triple the amount of users as LinkedIn and over double the amount of users over the age of 35. Just by looking at the number of users alone, you can see how Facebook can be a much more effective tool than LinkedIn. Since such a large percentage of the world is already on Facebook, it makes it much easier for a business owner to stay connected with their customers without the customer needing to do much (Easier is better!). Think about advertising for the Super Bowl. Companies pay millions and millions of dollars for a 30 second commercial because so many people are watching the Super Bowl. Same goes for Facebook, business owners needs to advertise where the masses of people are.

Users are one thing; amount of time on the site is a whole different animal. It’s fine and dandy to have millions and millions of users, but if the users aren’t spending a lot of time on the site, it’ll be harder for them to find your business. Facebook users spend an incredible amount of time of the site, making it much more likely that they will find and interact with a company’s business page.
Although Facebook has now been around for roughly 8 years, remember not to overlook its amazing power and ability to reach the masses in such a quick, easy and FREE way.

-Mike Fedotowsky

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