Facebook to Revamp their Search Tool

Have you ever had this happen:   you search for a specific business in the search tool on Facebook and you get something else?  Well, according to the former Google engineer Lars Rasmussen who currently works for Facebook, a change is coming. He recently discussed with the Sydney Morning Herald that Facebook is developing a way to refine the searches on the site.  So for many of our clients at Boston Web Marketing , this might bring a sigh of relief.  Now people are more likely to get your business page when they conduct a search instead of something random that doesn’t relate to your business.

In his interview, Rasmussen speaks about how things can be upgraded to a more refined Facebook search.  While he didn’t get too in depth about the changes, he mentioned that in the tool bar there is a “search for people, places and things” option inserted.

He continued to assure the interviewer that Facebook was not going to be trying their hand at running a search engine to compete with Google or Yahoo, but to be smarter about searches with its own searches on its site.  He also mentioned how the company is hiring engineers to help make the search experience on the social network much easier for its 700 million plus members.  Any improvements that increase accuracy are a good thing!

– George Freeman

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