Facebook Shifts to Mobile Objectives

While Facebook is no stranger to the smartphone side of social media, a recent article suggested that this network plans to morph itself from a company that is “mobile fist” to “mobile best.” So what will this mean and will this social network dominate in the mobile realm as well?  As of now, the main goal and focus for them to do so is to spend a greater amount of attention (and money) on purchasing products that are focused on mobile technology, such as Instagram, which was their first big product acquisition.

With recent findings that the majority of Facebook users are logging into their profiles via smartphone rather than desktop, the company feels now more than ever that it is crucial to have a mobile experience that is just like, if not better than that on a computer.  While merging together with other companies and products is a huge area of concentration, promoting new and interesting Apps like the one discussed in a recent blog post, could prove to be of great benefit and success in this drive to shift the company into a true mobile power as well.

It is still early on in the new year of 2013, but with this announcement from Facebook’s M&A team it will certainly be interesting to monitor their mobile-driven decisions and what products they decide to purchase next.  Guilty of being an avid Facebook user and one who does in fact use the network mostly by iPhone, I am eager to see what could be done to enhance the mobile experience even further.  These possible future acquisitions are important for companies and brands to track as well, as participation on Facebook, Instagram and other Apps and products could be a key contributor to greater exposure and interaction with a wider audience of potential new clients and business.

By Casey Guntlow

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