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The hype surrounding the Facebook search function has been growing for over a year. When Google announced the launch of Google+, Facebook quickly reacted by pairing with Bing. The thought was that Facebook would revamp their site to include a Bing search bar. The biggest advantage that Google+ has over Facebook is the inclusion of mail, search functionality and social media all in the same place. The idea of Facebook adding in a search function made perfect sense and we expected this to arrive sometime around Christmas when Facebook started rolling out new additions such as timeline.  But the Holidays came and went and still no search function.

Wait no further! It appears as though the time has come for Facebook to introduce a search function. The news has slipped through the cracks of Zuckerburg’s fingers and into the SEO world. Recently hired Lars Rasmussen is heading up a team of a dozen engineers who are currently testing the system before providing it to the public. You may remember Rasmussen as a lead engineer at Google and a main designer of both Google wave and Google places. His addition to the Facebook design team marks a huge step in the right direction for a search bar in Facebook. So the real question is what does this mean for SEO? Is the search bar going to populate data from Bing? Or is Facebook developing its own search algorithm? These questions pose new and interesting challenges for search engine optimizers and companies alike. For now, we will have to wait and see!


-Matt Wilkos

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