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Facebook Rolls Out Food Ordering

Just recently, Facebook rolled out their new food ordering mechanisms, in order to connect users to restaurants in a different way. Facebook, from its conception, has been a social media, in that it connects people to each other. This may sound vague, and it is a bit, but Facebook started off by connecting people in college, and eventually transitioned to connecting long-lost friends and family members and in the past couple of years, we have seen Facebook turn into a tool that is used to connect users to businesses. Social media, in general, has been used as a promotional tool, but this new roll out takes it to a new level.
While we don’t typically consider Facebook to be a search engine, it is, in the sense that you can type in a query and get results. This is similar to the model for Amazon, which is based off of being its own kind of search engine as well. Facebook, on the other hand, has a massive following of users, and is now positioning itself to be part of a whole new picture—the commerce picture. Commerce has become big, as people/users would rather have a little interaction as possible when performing certain actions, such as ordering food, or ordering products online (which is why Amazon became so huge). With Facebook taking advantage of this new business model, they could be in an entire different ball game.
Facebook will be working with delivery aggregators, as well as working directly with chain food restaurants in order to accomplish this. This allows for the users to discover new food, as well as go with consistent favorites, and, alongside this, see what their friends and family have to say about that particular joint. This will be revolutionary and it will be interesting to see how it works, or how much users actually use this option. We have seen certain smart moves fail, such as the money sending capabilities on snapchat, but I have a feeling that this will truly change the game in food ordering, as well as changing the game in online/social media marketing of restaurants.

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