Facebook Post Search Now Available to Android Users

For the first time since Facebook launched its revamped search product in December, Android users now have the ability to search within posts shared with them in a platform wide roll out that will continue through the coming weeks. It’s still only available to users with the U.S. English language setting but, this update means a major breakthrough in Facebook search which is sure to bring in significant results for the world’s most popular social network.

In December, Facebook rebranded Graph Search as Facebook Search after almost 2 years of testing. The search-within-posts functionality was by far the highest requested search improvement. This helped Facebook divert their attention from search within public posts (their original plan) to posts shared with through friends and pages users follow. By making search capability more relative to the users’ personal networks and interests, this update is sure to make Facebook more user friendly and may allow for more efficient targeting for advertisers.

Need more information about Facebook Search and how to use its new capabilities? Visit the Facebook Search Microsite.

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